Posts about our February/March 2015 trip to India, Nepal and Thailand

India, Nepal and Thailand

Our first trip of 2015 spanned more than a month as we traveled from Delhi, India to Kathmandu, Nepal by land, then flew to Thailand. Along the way, we marveled at the Taj Mahal and ate some of the best local food the world has to offer in India. We visited Nepal just two months before the massive earthquake that destroyed much of the capital city as well as the surrounding towns and villages. In Thailand, we bummed around the beaches of Koh Samui for a week before heading inland for some authentic Thai culture.

On The Road

February 2015 Trip Collage
India, Nepal and Thailand
Air Asia Flight
Planes, Trains
and Automobiles


One of our favorite meals at "Keshari." Robert has a Thali set meal and I have a masala paneer dosa.
Things We Eat:
Indian Edition (Part 1)
Chai Spices
Indian Tea
(Masala Chai Recipe)
Meet India
Everybody, This is India…
India, Meet Everybody
Things We Eat: Indian Food
Part 2—Women Cooks
Tuk Tuk
Pure Chaos:
Agra Fort
Behind the Walls
of Agra Fort
Fortunate are the People who Reside on the banks of the Ganga
Life and Death:
Varanasi, India


Young Buddhist monks-in-training having a little fun at BoudhanathNepal: Before and After


A view of Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park in the Gulf of Thailand

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