The Portlandia statue looks down over 5th Ave. in Downtown Portland from her perch atop the Portland Building.

Photo of the Day: Portlandia

Portlandia strikes an imposing form over SW 5th Ave. in Downtown Portland. The statue is the second-largest copper relief status in the U.S. after the New York’s Statue of Liberty.

Based on the seal of the City of Portland, she’s dressed in classic clothing and holds a trident in her left hand while reaching down with her right. Portlandia has been perched atop the entrance of the Portland Building since 1985.

Sculptor Raymond Kaskey maintained intellectual property rights over the statue. As a result, the image of Portlandia has been rarely used for commercial purposes. Most famously, you can see the statue in two shots during the opening credits of the Portlandia television show on IFC.



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