Care Package

About 10 minutes before leaving the house for our weekend trip to Fukuoka, the doorbell rang. It was the mailman with a care package from home! Huge thanks to Cascadian Pugs for finding some things we’ve been missing and adding a few surprises as well.

I managed to unpack the box just enough to throw a few train/plane snacks in the backpack before heading out the door.

Jerquee Wild

We’re wild for Wild-flavor Jerquee!

Among the goodies within:

Three cheers for Pugs and some hard-to-find treats from home. Thanks again!


6 thoughts on “Care Package

  1. KronWeld says:

    Fred Meyer hides that Jerquee really well. I sent you all the local store had on the shelf. Good to hear it was put to use right away.

    Let me know when the hot weather is over, so I can send you some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Sorry, but I do use butter and eggs in them. Hope that is alright.

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    • Thanks again! It was a welcome arrival and especially well-timed. Butter and eggs are A-OK… I think it cools down in November?


  2. Hi guys, I am glad I stumbled upon your site. Having lived in Japan for nearly 20% of my life, i appreciate your experiences and stories. In fact, I lived in Shikoku, somewhat near Fukuoka, and I am from Seattle, just up the road from your home state! I’ll be following. All the best,


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