Odds and Ends

Really just one odd and end.

Envelopes are not self-sticking

We had a few pieces of business to take care of that required mailing documents back to the U.S. The postal service isn’t that much different here than back home. You go to the counter, buy some stamps and send your letter on its way.

However, the envelopes are not self-adhering. At first I was impressed by the lack of taste of the envelope glue (yes, I licked it). But when the flap didn’t stick, I was puzzled.

Again, thank goodness for the internet. We are now the proud owner of a glue stick, the preferred method for sealing envelopes here in the land of the rising sun. The post office also has a courtesy stick, just in case.


6 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Also,in Japan, it’s kinda considered impolite to lick things like envelopes, papers, stamps, etc. that other people will touch.
    That’s why post offices here have sponges on the counter…they’re for moistening postage stamps before putting them on envelopes.

    (It’s also why most supermarkets have wet towels on the counters where customers pack their groceries…they’re for moistening fingers to make opening the plastic grocery bags easy…rather than licking fingers.)

    If you have any questions about Japan…feel free to Contact me)


  2. The reason that envelopes in Japan don’t have glue on them is because it’s very humid here in summer…and envelopes with glue on them all end up sealed closed while they’re sitting unused.


    • Interesting! That makes a lot of sense. We’ve only been here for a little over a month so I’m still fascinated by the little differences in daily life.


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